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How to Build an Ocean: Instructions - Audio Download

How to Build an Ocean: Instructions - Audio Download

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Please note: This is a pre-order item and will ship on release 26/04/2024.

*NOTE: This is a pre-order and will ship on/around release April 26th*

An audio download is fun. Y'know instead of streaming you actually get to HAVE the music files! You download them and then they sit there in your downloads folder. Then maybe one day you move them into a folder called 'cool fun music for cool fun times'. Eventually (after probably about 34 years) you forget the files exist. Then 38 years later you wake up in a cold sweat. 'OMG what about that music I downloaded!?' You jump on to your computer to search. 'What did I call that folder? sad angry music? no! epic tunes for dancing? no! oh! curse you previous me!' You continue to search aimlessly through your entire computer until there it is. 'cool fun music for cool fun times'. You open the folder and listen. Your ears are filled with music. and feelings. and nostalgia. and love. The album finishes and you return to the comfort of your bed, content with life, the universe, and everything in it.

Every purchase that includes an audio download instantly receives a copy of ‘Things That Look Like Mistakes’ the first hit single from Dirtbag Boyband Bears in Trees’ soon to be hit new album ‘How to Build an Ocean: Instructions’.

How to Build an Ocean: Instructions

Track 1 - Your Favourite Coat
Track 2 - Things That Look Like Mistakes
Track 3 - Injured Crow
Track 4 - I Can't See Anything I Don't Like About You
Track 5 - All You Get is Confetti
Track 6 - Tai Chi With My Dad
Track 7 - I Wanna Feel Calm
Track 8 - Henry Says
Track 9 - Hot Chocolate
Track 10 - Nothing Cures Melancholy Like Looking at Maps
Track 11 - We Don't Speak Anymore
Track 12 - I Don't Wanna Be Angry

Cover Artwork by Mike Hall (
Inside Artwork by Chris M Wood (RebelliousTeeth)


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